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  • Lost Tampon: Symptoms of a lost tampon and how to remove


    What? A lost tampon. Hey, it happens. And, it is one of those topics that a woman might be embarrassed to call her doctor about, even if she knows she might need ...

  • Lost Tampon | Go Ask Alice!


    Dear Reader, A tampon cannot get lost in your body. The vagina is a potential space that can expand, and the tampon can get lodged near the back.

  • Can a tampon get lost inside you? | Yahoo Answers


    it can't get lost... but it can get pushed far inside that you can't feel it. Best thing to do, if you think there may be one up there, go to your doctors ...

  • Tampon Stuck Inside The Vagina? Get these smart tips on stuck ...


    Tampon stuck inside the vagina is another interestings scenario. Is the lost tampon in the vagina or somewhere else? These tampon removal tips will …

  • Lost Tampon - Estronaut


    Lost Tampon. Many women have inserted a new tampon, while forgetting to remove the old one. ... Then gently insert one finger inside yourself.

  • Can tampons get lost inside of you? | Yahoo Answers


    Tampons can not get lost inside you. The tampon can't go anywhere. It is possible that the tampon fell out. If you think you have an infection, ...

  • Can a tampon get lost inside you - Answers.com


    A tampon cannot get 'lost' inside you - your vaginal canal is only so long, and a tampon cannot go past your cervix, thus there is no where for it to get 'lost'.


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